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In a world of speculation, when Social Distancing  or Stay Home policy is not an option, we choose to go Bold. But Safety First!
This Covid season, it's a must have High Fashion Re-usable Solution.  A MASK.
It's Stylish and Breathable. It's an exclusive hand made edition with an Antibacterial  and air filtration layer. It's a total protection. Stay Safe!

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Embrace your identity with passion!
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Dress Up and Show Up! Regardless. Lish fashion.
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Even the angels are jealous of her beauty.
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Where Silence is Eloquence.
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 It’s a statement of solidarity. By going out wearing a face mask, we show that we are taking action. We prove that we take ownership for our Individual Safety and that of others.

Stay Safe!

Lish Fashion


It's about the Experience. The  journey beyond the predictable mundanes of seasonaltrends.
It's  an Assortiment of high end and impossible to find ever ! clothing.
We want our women to express their Individuality with absolute Passion and Class. Lish Fashion.

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